Welcome to The Keto Grill Kitchen, My name is Carmen Andino Webb I am  an Interior Designer by trade, fashionista, and health & fitness enthusiast at heart.
My passion and enthusiasm for Health & Fitness was born out of many failed attempts of tirelessly searching for a Healthy and sustainable fitness and nutrition plan that would put an end to the yo-yo dieting, weight loss, and weight gain that was taking a toll on mind body and, spirit.
It wasn't until I dared myself to enter an NPC fitness competition that I was introduced to "KETO", and it revolutionized my world and those around me who witnessed my transformation.
Not only was it a healthy and sustainable lifestyle option, the foods I discovered I could eat were absolutely delicious, and prompted me to recreate some of the Pre-Keto, nutritionally lacking, addictive, high-carb, high-sugar unhealthy habitual diet staples that kept me unbalance unhealthy and unwell, into keto-deliciousness! 8 years later and I still believes Keto was the best introduction to my health and wellness I've ever made!
Today I am happy to introduce Ke-Nola! I dare to say it’s the most delicious grain-free granola you’ll ever taste!
It’s a delicious topping, snack and cereal, Made with clean simple ingredients, especially for you,
The health conscious foodie that won’t compromise on taste when it comes to healthy eating.
Buen Provecho! (Enjoy!)