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Ke-nola BUNDLE #1 Grain-Free Granola |8 oz |3 Pack

Ke-nola BUNDLE #1 Grain-Free Granola |8 oz |3 Pack

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Can't decide on a Ke-nola flavor? Try a 3-pack  bundle variety pack of some of our most popular flavors. Our keto-friendly low-carb variety packs allow you to mix & match your favorite flavors and create your favorite combination!

Ke-nola 3pk bundle #1 Includes three 8oz. packs of: APPLE CRUMBLE CRUNCH | STRAWBERRY BANANA CRUNCH | MAPLE BROWN SUGAR CRUNCH

Ke-nola 3pk bundle #1 Grain-free Granola is absolutely delicious and perfect for any diet.

  • Keto, Paleo, Low-carb, and Diabetic-friendly
  • Crunchy satisfyingly sweet, Snack, Cereal, Topping
  • Nut, and coconut clusters
  • The most delicious cookie crisp pieces sets our granola apart from all other grain-free granolas. 
  • Naturally sweetened with a monk fruit erythritol blend

Made for the health-conscious foodie that won't compromise on taste when it comes to healthy eating and staying fit!

Healthy never tasted this good!

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